Has Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) Accepted/Embraced Islam ?

Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson has converted to Islam on Tuesday ( 10/01/2013 ) ?????

Mr Bean converted to Islam

Shocking news came from comedian actor Mr . Bean , Rowan Atkinson . Reportedly a number of media in Israel , Arab and Pakistan , on Tuesday ( 10/01/2013 ) , this 58-year -old actor has embraced Islam .

Sadabladi.com as reported by Israeli media and confirmed by israellycool, and then quoted by the site Islampos, Mr Bean explained after ‘watching’ a movie about the prophet Muhammad SAW “Innocent of Muslims” is the main cause of heart he established himself in his new faith.

Rowan Atkinson called Sadabladi just pinning index finger when questioned by the media . Related to this there has been no official confirmation from the Rowan . British media still looks cool and calm .

Mr Bean Accepted Islam

Seriously when I heard this news I was so damn confused well the reason was this news has spread so quickly in a variety of social media . Kaskus , Facebook and Twitter have crowded thrash. While one of the videos on the news Mr conversion . Bean has been uploaded on YouTube by one of the user accounts in Arabic on Monday ( 09/30/2013 ) . Video titled Mr. Bean Announced his conversion to Islam has been viewed by at least 18,000 visitors .  A number of unofficial media from Israel and several other countries have also been highlighting this news . They call the news Mr . This converts Bean is an irresponsible rumor . According to the site Islampos, the mainstream media in the UK has not been proclaimed. However, most of the Arab media has lowered the news Rowan has become converts.

Rowan Atkinson Mr Bean

Yea I’m still not sure about this If anyone of you knows something better and from a authentic source kindly leave it at comment box I will be glad to hear.