Matt Cutts posted a Comment and It was marked as Spam !

Yesterday, Barry Schwartz from Seroundtable  published a post about the Google’s Cutts: We Don’t Use Chrome Data For Search Quality in which he told us that Google does not use Chrome data for search ranking or quality purposes. After that Matt Cutts (he works for the Search Quality team in Google, specializing in search engine optimization issues.) posted a comment on that post and who believed that comment was marked as spam ! lolx the comment of Google’s Head of Webspam wasn’t published for few hours. Here’s the screen shot of that comment posted by Matt but this screen shot is taken when it was approved !

here is the twitter screenshot of Barry where he clarifies that your comment has been approved !

Remember here We aren’t discussing about the topic of the post, I’m just talking about the comment of Matt Cutts which was marked as spam. Remember I also posted a comment on that post but it wasn’t marked as spam, maybe it just a unfortunate day for Matt Cutts 😉 or Maybe he’s the biggest Spammer 😉 don’t take it wrong I respect Matt Cutts