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Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands

The roof is called Skypark Sands was built on a roof supported by three pieces of the building where the roof length reaches 380 m, while the swimming pool itself has a length of about 150 m.

What makes it more cool, like most of the current swimming pool, its suburbs have not created an alias you will feel like was swimming float.

But do not worry too if you fall, you fall into the first water reservoir and not directly to the floor below.

Beside the swimming pool, on the roof there are also restaurants, spas, parks (botanical garden) with 250 trees and 650 species of plants and an observation deck to view the city skyline of Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore

The roof was built to accommodate a capacity of about 3900 people and now has opened anyway, so for those of you who want to go to Singapore, may try!