Has Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) Accepted/Embraced Islam ?

Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson has converted to Islam on Tuesday ( 10/01/2013 ) ?????

Mr Bean converted to Islam

Shocking news came from comedian actor Mr . Bean , Rowan Atkinson . Reportedly a number of media in Israel , Arab and Pakistan , on Tuesday ( 10/01/2013 ) , this 58-year -old actor has embraced Islam .

Sadabladi.com as reported by Israeli media and confirmed by israellycool, and then quoted by the site Islampos, Mr Bean explained after ‘watching’ a movie about the prophet Muhammad SAW “Innocent of Muslims” is the main cause of heart he established himself in his new faith.

Rowan Atkinson called Sadabladi just pinning index finger when questioned by the media . Related to this there has been no official confirmation from the Rowan . British media still looks cool and calm .

Mr Bean Accepted Islam

Seriously when I heard this news I was so damn confused well the reason was this news has spread so quickly in a variety of social media . Kaskus , Facebook and Twitter have crowded thrash. While one of the videos on the news Mr conversion . Bean has been uploaded on YouTube by one of the user accounts in Arabic on Monday ( 09/30/2013 ) . Video titled Mr. Bean Announced his conversion to Islam has been viewed by at least 18,000 visitors .  A number of unofficial media from Israel and several other countries have also been highlighting this news . They call the news Mr . This converts Bean is an irresponsible rumor . According to the site Islampos, the mainstream media in the UK has not been proclaimed. However, most of the Arab media has lowered the news Rowan has become converts.

Rowan Atkinson Mr Bean

Yea I’m still not sure about this If anyone of you knows something better and from a authentic source kindly leave it at comment box I will be glad to hear.


18 thoughts on “Has Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) Accepted/Embraced Islam ?

  1. shuhaib thawoos

    Well these rumors about famous people converting Islam isn’t old news, I’ve heard many claims so myself and chose not to believe it and find this derogatory aspect of some muslim choosing to share this rumor as well as many others.The last time i heard another celebratory convert to Islam was Neil Armstrong which says and i quote “Heard the azan from all the way from the moon”. Well my opinion about this is why do you want to publicize this, what benefit is this to anyone but many of our other communities find joy in seeing us find amusement in famous people converting and personally i think even the celebrity themselves would find it a problem, unless someone actually finds a factual resource for such rumor and still if Rowan Atkinson himself spoke of it then go ahead…boast something which is pointless. This very culture of ours is why we are somewhat behind today’s society

    • I do agree with you at some points but tell me what would happen if Dr Zakir Naik would convert into Christianity or any person who has thousands of followers … that news would spread it too I watched many videos of western tv shows on YouTube in which they call out those Muslim persons who converted into other religions mostly Christianity well the reason is they would never able to find a Famous Muslim celebrity who converts into Christianity so they call out MANGO people’s :p Bro actually its just a human nature don’t say that only Muslims looking to spread these kinda news .. this news spread too quickly that is the reason why I wrote a blog post and I mentioned it in last line that I am not sure about this if someone knows better kindly let me know too … there are many people who converted into Islam after Neil Armstrong I think you have to update you system 😉

  2. I agree. unless we get authentic information we better not spread such news which are most likely just rumors

  3. Well, a friend of mine met him a few years ago and I’m confident my friend would have not lied but he had a beard… lol. (a beard does not make u a muslim, but I found it funny that only few years ago someone came to me and said shocked: u knw Mr bean has a long beard!! And now I come to learn this romour lol…

    Anyway, my suggestion is… someone phone him

  4. Well I suggest you all look into islam and read the quran for yourselves if you find it so hard to believe

  5. ofcourse islam is a true religion.None can disagree ….its a fate that jews doing spy work and developing terrorists and put names on islam .But whoever read quran and learn it can never be a terrorist >>> Its the truth .Its wonderful .>>>> People who didnt read it wont believe my words. I am sure which is not my fault.

  6. there is nothing for such an astonishment in regards to this incident as no human being is overvalued by any materialistic things . .so it doesnt matter much that who had converted to ISLAM . .infact most of the women in germany and france accepted ISLAM Just because of the dignity and honour established for women in ISLAM . .

  7. Although I have been a skeptic, and anytime someone gains interest in Islam, the media claims they are a Muslim (Liam Neeson). I have “liked” Mr.Bean on my facebook, and today he has posted “Happy Islamic New Year – from Mr. Bean”. Perhaps this is Mr. Atkinson’s way of spilling the beans?

  8. Yes I do agree..
    Until and unless one read Quran they will never come to knw the truth..

    To knw truth one must read Quran but the fact is people are afraid to read and accept the fact.

  9. Yes I do agree..
    Until and unless one read Quran they will never come to knw the truth..

    To knw truth one must read Quran but the fact is people are afraid to read and accept the fact.

  10. believe it or not, great people will continue to accept the truth(Islam), even George Bush, his children or relatives will one day come to Islam… Islam is for mankind.

  11. I think about Mr. Bean… So my opinion is that Mr. Bean accepted the religion of Islam.

  12. Well nothing to fight on…
    If he is converted Muslim then ALHAMDULILLAH!
    but if not… May Allah guide him and all of us to the right path (Islam)…AMEEN

  13. Well I suggest you all look into islam and read the quran for yourselves if you find it so hard to believe .yes!!!Allah is great

  14. […] Has Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) Accepted/Embraced Islam ?. […]

  15. sheikh faizan

    may allah shows u the right path…i am a very big fan of your’s…i allways wanted .that u should became muslum…..cause i don’t want u to burn in hell……ok spouse that…u r having your father and grand father..both are alive…but as we all know ..head of the family is always an elder one…like grand father…so first you have to obay the rules of ur grand father…..
    so its cleare that if nousbila jesus is the son of allah…so fisrt u have to obay the rules of allah then hazrat jesus………..so its cleare….may allah shows u the right way…inshallah..

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